Milk Carton Kids Official Showcase
Photo by Jake Jacobson

“The Folk Alliance conference and community has been instrumental in beginning and furthering our career as folk artists. We’ve made some of our closest and most meaningful relationships at the conference there each February, both with fellow artists and with people working generously with and on behalf of folk musicians.” – Milk Carton Kids

Making Movies Official Showcase at FAI 2018
Photo by Jessica Wrubel

“Folk Alliance changed things for us as artists and our business and was a blast.” – Enrique Chi of Making Movies

Ake Lundstrom

“Partnerships across borders are important, especially in music, and Folk alliance has really begun to take that part of its mission seriously.” – Ake Lundstrome, CEO, Folk at Heart (Sweden)

“Now more than ever the cultural sector needs its leaders to be relevant, engaged, and diverse, and to look globally for content, trends, and collaborations … Folk Alliance does this in spades.” – Julián Zuzgazagoitia, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

“To wander the poster-festooned hallways was to be greeted by traditional folk in all its iterations, experience its transporting powers, and be welcomed into its world.” – Wall Street Journal

“There’s no better opportunity for experiencing a great performer in a tiny space than the annual Folk Alliance International conference.” – Paste Magazine

“There is a kind of unforced but focused attention that ennobles the music and those who make it. The “alliance” in Folk Alliance speaks to a collaborative business development mindset, but it gets just as well as the union between artist and audience. We are one.” — The Bluegrass Situation

“Diversity and discovery aren’t just buzzwords here, they’re a philosophy that drives one of the most forward-looking organizations in the music business and well as perhaps the best music event you can attend, year after year.” – Twangville

“I am still, months afterwards, reeling from what an incredible experience this was. To have the chance to really see what the songwriters I most respect are doing and to be counted among them was an incredible boost to my energy, my enthusiasm, and my dedication. In a moment of purest cliche I have made friends I will keep for a lifetime.” –Galen Fitzpatrick, G.F. Patrick

“The scholarship was a great help to get me to Folk Alliance for the first time in 2019. I’m already seeing really good results- I had a festival booking the UK the week after I returned from FAI based on one of my showcases. I’ve also made some really good connections with labels and promoters out in the U.S. It was also lovely to meet and connect with so many other artists. I hope I can come back next year!” –Maz O’Connor

“I am so appreciative of being given the opportunity to attend the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal. It absolutely blew my mind! How exciting to be amongst artists and DJs and presenters in a beautiful setting. I was like a kid in a candy store!” –Karen Rakos, Folk DJ at KEUL fm88.9