Private Showcase Postering Guidelines

NEW IN 2020

Private Showcase Postering Policy and Contest

Only registered Private Showcase hosts are permitted to hang posters on the Private Showcase floors. Posters must be specific to the hosted room and include a listing of all artists, times, and the room number.

Posters for individual artists and in non-designated areas of the Private Showcase floors will be removed. Painters tape is the only permitted way of hanging posters. All others will be removed. Damage resulting from use of non-approved tape will be documented and billed to the room host.

For safety purposes and to clearly identify way-finding signage no postering of any kind will be permitted in certain designated sections of the Private Showcase floor hallways.

Additional Note:
An artist’s Poster Wall will be designated in the Exhibit Hall where all artists will be encouraged to submit one poster to be hung by FAI volunteers. All attendees will be invited to reference this Poster Wall for individual showcases and to vote on for a poster design award.