2020 Attending Presenters

This list provides all of the festivals, venues, concert series, house concerts, camps, and theaters attending the conference this year so that you can make an action plan for the week. You can also view the list of 2019 attending presenters here.

Last updated on August 6, 2019.

Name of PresentationTypeProvince/StateCountry
2nd Fridays CoffeehouseConcert SeriesPennsylvaniaUnited States
6 On The SquareVenueNew YorkUnited States
68 Jay St BarVenueNew YorkUnited States
7 Oaks Event GardenHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Acoustic CelebrationConcert SeriesConnecticutUnited States
Acoustic JourneysConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
Amplify Decatur Music FestivalFestivalNorth CarolinaUnited States
Anastasia CoffeehouseConcert SeriesFloridaUnited States
Arhaven House ConcertsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Austin Acoustical CafeConcert SeriesTexasUnited States
Austin East House ConcertsHouse ConcertNew JerseyUnited States
Baker Zone ConcertsHouse ConcertNorth CarolinaUnited States
Barnes House ConcertsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Bear Creek Concert SeriesConcert SeriesAlbertaCanada
Bear Creek Folk Music FestivalFestivalAlbertaCanada
Beech Mountain Ski Resort Summer Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
Beech Mountain Ski Resort Winter Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
Belly UpVenueCaliforniaUnited States
Bklyn Americana Music FestivalFestivalNew YorkUnited States
Bklyn Americana UnpluggedConcert SeriesNew YorkUnited States
Black Rose Acoustic SocietyConcert SeriesColoradoUnited States
Blissfest Concert SeriesConcert SeriesMichiganUnited States
Blissfest Folk & Roots FestivalFestivalMichiganUnited States
Brogden Bay PresentsConcert SeriesCaliforniaUnited States
Brookdale CoffeehouseConcert SeriesFloridaUnited States
Buffalo River ConcertsHouse ConcertArkansasUnited States
Calgary Folk ClubConcert SeriesAlbertaCanada
Calgary Folk Music FestivalFestivalAlbertaCanada
Calgary Folk Music Festival PresentsConcert SeriesAlbertaCanada
Calgary Folk Music Festival's Block HeaterFestivalAlbertaCanada
CalliopeConcert SeriesPennsylvaniaUnited States
Camp NedCampColoradoUnited States
Caspar Community CenterVenueIllinoisUnited States
Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic FestivalFestivalWyomingUnited States
Central Florida Folk Indoor Acoustic Music Live ConcertsConcert SeriesFloridaUnited States
Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots FestivalFestivalIllinoisUnited States
Chestnut House ConcertsHouse ConcertPennsylvaniaUnited States
CHIRPConcert SeriesConnecticutUnited States
CindystockFestivalPennsylvaniaUnited States
Club PassimVenueMassachusettsUnited States
Community Center of MendocinoVenueIllinoisUnited States
Concerts at the Beach HouseHouse ConcertPennsylvaniaUnited States
Concerts@Carol’sHouse ConcertPennsylvaniaUnited States
Crow Bar & VarietyVenueOntarioCanada
David B. Duvall House ConcertsHouse ConcertIndianaUnited States
Denver Botanic GardensConcert SeriesColoradoUnited States
Donnell TheaterTheaterOhioUnited States
Eagle's Hall/Gloriana Musical TheaterVenueIllinoisUnited States
Eighth Step @ ProctorsConcert SeriesNew YorkUnited States
Emerald ConcertsConcert SeriesFloridaUnited States
Eureka House ConcertsHouse ConcertArkansasUnited States
Evanston Bluegrass FestivalFestivalWyomingUnited States
Falcon Ridge Folk FestivalFestivalConnecticutUnited States
Fan Club CruisesConcert SeriesColoradoUnited States
Feast and FieldConcert SeriesVermontUnited States
Festival of Small Halls AustraliaFestivalQueenslandAustralia
Finest Folk First FridayConcert SeriesMissouriUnited States
Firehouse Center for the ArtsVenueNew HampshireUnited States
First AcousticsHouse ConcertNew YorkUnited States
Flying Cat ConcertsHouse ConcertIndianaUnited States
Freight & SalvageVenueCaliforniaUnited States
Homegrown Music & Mountain Sports FestivalFestivalNorth CarolinaUnited States
HopMonk Tavern NovatoVenueCaliforniaUnited States
In Concert!, TucsonConcert SeriesArizonaUnited States
ITZALL Goode Concert Series at 49 WestConcert SeriesMarylandUnited States
Jalopy TheatreConcert SeriesNew YorkUnited States
John Michael Kohler Arts CenterVenueWisconsinUnited States
Johnson Studio House ConcertsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Julie's JointHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
KC Turner PresentsConcert SeriesCaliforniaUnited States
KC Turner PresentsHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
Kerrville Folk FestivalFestivalTexasUnited States
King Street CoffeehouseVenuePennsylvaniaUnited States
Lakeside MusicHouse ConcertKansasUnited States
Lansdowne Folk ClubConcert SeriesPennsylvaniaUnited States
Latica VineyardsHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
Levitt AMP Sheboygan Music SeriesConcert SeriesWisconsinUnited States
Lindsay Myers House ConcertsHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
Live @ ArmesConcert SeriesOhioUnited States
Live at Studio 926 in South PhillyHouse ConcertPennsylvaniaUnited States
Live At The LibraryVenueKansasUnited States
Madison Folk Music SocietyConcert SeriesWisconsinUnited States
Maple Folk House ConcertsHouse ConcertBritish ColumbiaCanada
Mariposa Folk FestivalFestivalOntarioCanada
Mariposa in ConcertConcert SeriesOntarioCanada
MeadowGrass Music FestivalFestivalColoradoUnited States
Milagro SpringsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Millpond Music FestivalFestivalCaliforniaUnited States
Mission Folk Music FestivalFestivalBritish ColumbiaCanada
Mountain Street StageVenueArkansasUnited States
Music at the MansionConcert SeriesTexasUnited States
Music at Three PinesHouse ConcertColoradoUnited States
Music BoxVenueCaliforniaUnited States
Music Camp for TeensCampTexasUnited States
Music IN the Mill Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
Music in the VineyardFestivalCaliforniaUnited States
Music in the VineyardHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
New York Faerie FestivalFestivalNew YorkUnited States
NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Old-Time Music FestivalFestivalBritish ColumbiaCanada
NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Old-Time Music WorkshopsCampBritish ColumbiaCanada
NoDa Brewing Company Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
North Carolina Brewers & Music FestivalFestivalNorth CarolinaUnited States
Old Settler's Music FestivalFestivalTexasUnited States
Old Sloop CoffeehouseConcert SeriesMassachusettsUnited States
Old Songs Festival of Traditional Music and DanceFestivalNew YorkUnited States
Olive Street House ConcertsHouse ConcertKansasUnited States
On Your RadarConcert SeriesNew YorkUnited States
PaoliFestFestivalOhioUnited States
Paul Dueber House ConcertsHouse ConcertOregonUnited States
Philadelphia Folksong SocietyVenuePennsylvaniaUnited States
Prescott Park Arts FestivalFestivalNew HampshireUnited States
Purple House ConcertsHouse ConcertFloridaUnited States
Rehmsworld Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNebraskaUnited States
RickksRoomHouse ConcertQuebecCanada
Robson Valley Music FestivalFestivalBritish ColumbiaCanada
Rock Room ConcertsConcert SeriesTexasUnited States
Rockport New Year's EveFestivalMassachusettsUnited States
Rocky Mountain Highway Music CollaborativeConcert SeriesColoradoUnited States
Roger E. Wise House ConcertsHouse ConcertColoradoUnited States
Rogue Folk ClubConcert SeriesBritish ColumbiaCanada
Rogue Folk ClubVenueBritish ColumbiaCanada
Santa Fe BandstandConcert SeriesNew MexicoUnited States
Shakespeare’s CoveHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Sleepy Hollow Folk Club House ConcertsHouse ConcertVirginiaUnited States
Song + StoryConcert SeriesIllinoisUnited States
Songbird SanctuaryHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Sound & Sight ShowsConcert SeriesCaliforniaUnited States
Sounds of Summer Concert SeriesConcert SeriesNorth CarolinaUnited States
South Pearl Street Music and Beer FestivalFestivalColoradoUnited States
Southwest Regional Folk AlianceCampTexasUnited States
Square in the CircleHouse ConcertMarylandUnited States
Sun Valley Center Summer ConcertsConcert SeriesIdahoUnited States
Sun Valley Center Winter Concert SeriesConcert SeriesIdahoUnited States
Sun Valley Center Winter Concert SeriesVenueIdahoUnited States
Suncoast Songwriter Weekend at the Don CesarFestivalTexasUnited States
Sundilla Concert SeriesConcert SeriesAlabamaUnited States
Sundilla House ConcertsHouse ConcertAlabamaUnited States
Sunnys BarVenueNew YorkUnited States
SuperfineVenueNew YorkUnited States
Susie's House ConcertsHouse ConcertMarylandUnited States
Susie's Songwriter Series at The Mansion on O STConcert SeriesMarylandUnited States
Susquehanna Folk Music FestivalFestivalPennsylvaniaUnited States
Swallow Hill MusicVenueColoradoUnited States
Sycamore Creek ConcertsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Telluride Americana Music Fest & Songwriter ShowcaseFestivalColoradoUnited States
Tennessee Brew Works — Songs On TapVenueTennesseeUnited States
The Arts Inc. Concert SeriesConcert SeriesWyomingUnited States
The Green WillowConcert SeriesDelawareUnited States
The GressiwickVenueColoradoUnited States
The Live RoomConcert SeriesWest YorkshireUnited Kingdom
The PlantingFestivalQueenslandAustralia
The Sunday RoadhouseConcert SeriesIowaUnited States
The Word BarnVenueNew HampshireUnited States
Thoreau Woods CoffeehouseConcert SeriesTexasUnited States
Thoreau Woods Unitarian Universalist ChurchVenueTexasUnited States
Thrasher Opera HouseVenueWisconsinUnited States
Town Hall TheaterTheaterVermontUnited States
Tucson Folk FestivalFestivalArizonaUnited States
Twisted Vine House ConcertsHouse ConcertBritish ColumbiaCanada
Two Way Street Coffee HouseVenueIllinoisUnited States
Up Close & Personal SeriesConcert SeriesNew BrunswickCanada
UtunescoffehouseConcert SeriesCaliforniaUnited States
Valley Stage ProductionsConcert SeriesVermontUnited States
VinegrassConcert SeriesMassachusettsUnited States
VinegrassFestivalMassachusettsUnited States
Walton Arts CenterVenueArkansasUnited States
Wardlaw House ConcertsHouse ConcertCaliforniaUnited States
Welcome Home FestivalFestivalTexasUnited States
West Street LiveConcert SeriesArkansasUnited States
Westside Song/Spoken Word ExchangeConcert SeriesNew YorkUnited States
Whigfest Music FestivalFestivalNorth CarolinaUnited States
Woodford Folk FestivalFestivalQueenslandAustralia
Woodstock Folk FestivalFestivalIllinoisUnited States
Anderson FairVenueTexasUnited States
Visionary HeightsConcert SeriesTexasUnited States
Isis Music HallVenueNorth CarolinaUnited States
GrassRoots ReginaConcert SeriesSaskatchewanCanada
Institute of Musical TraditionsConcert SeriesVirginiaUnited States
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage FestivalFestivalLouisianaUnited States
MerleFestFestivalNorth CarolinaUnited States
The BirchmereVenueVirginiaUnited States
Chickie Wah WahVenueLouisianaUnited States
NOLA Ameripolitan FestivalFestivalLouisianaUnited States
Riverside Concerts PresentsConcert SeriesMinnesotaUnited States
World Music Concert SeriesConcert SeriesMinnesotaUnited States
Down by the RiversideConcert SeriesMinnesotaUnited States
forWARD Concert SeriesConcert SeriesMinnesotaUnited States
AllStars Concert SeriesConcert SeriesLouisianaUnited States
AcA Performing Arts Season (August - June)VenueLouisianaUnited States
¡Globalquerque!FestivalNew MexicoUnited States
Festival EclecticaFestivalNew MexicoUnited States
Lotus World Music & Arts FestivalFestivalNew MexicoUnited States
Duling HallVenueMississippiUnited States
BankPlus Concert Series at Thalia Mara HallConcert SeriesMississippiUnited States
Cathead JamFestivalMississippiUnited States
Natchez Balloon FestivalFestivalMississippiUnited States
BankPlus International Gumbo FestivalFestivalMississippiUnited States
BankPlus Red Beans & Rice FestivalFestivalMississippiUnited States
Bright Lights City Nights Concert SeriesConcert SeriesMississippiUnited States
Bishop Gunn Crawfish BoilFestivalMississippiUnited States
Hal's St Paddy's Parade & FestivalFestivalMississippiUnited States
Moore Music (In the House)House ConcertMarylandUnited States
Haliburton County Folk Society Concert SeriesConcert SeriesOntarioCanada
Winter Folk CampCampOntarioCanada
Songwriter Series House ConcertsHouse ConcertTexasUnited States
Lula Lounge VenueOntarioCanada
Lulaworld / Dundas West FestFestivalOntarioCanada
Focus MusicConcert SeriesMarylandTexas
One Eyed JacksVenueLouisianaUnited States
Sandy & Tom'sHouse ConcertIllinoisUnited States
St Tim's CoffeehouseConcert SeriesIllinoisUnited States