Jury Scoring Overview

When assessing all applicants each juror will separately score three key aspects using a point system where a score of 1 to 10 equals the following values:

1-2: Poor

3-4: Fair

5-6: Average

7-8: Good

9-10: Excellent

Each application is scored out of 30 possible points (10 for each category). Showcase selections start in order from the highest scored applicants down.

Only Excellent and Good scored applicants merit an Official Showcase. An “average” score or below does not merit an Official Showcase.

An average of the total scores of all five jurors will determine final placement, meaning one juror may score an artist below 21 yet others may score higher resulting in a showcase.

FAI is committed to reflecting the full range of international folk music (under-represented or unconventional folk genres, emerging and established artists, geographic, linguistic, cultural diversity, gender, and age). When scoring, please consider how well the applicant helps broaden the view and offering of folk music for presenters, industry, and audience.

Official list of all genres: Appalachian, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Francophone, Global Roots, Indie-Folk, Indigenous, Latin, Old-Time, Traditional, Singer-Songwriter, Spoken Word, and every imaginable fusion.

Jurors score the following aspects of an application (with a score of 1 to 10 for each):

QUALITY – What is the musical quality and level of craft in the work presented? For example, there are a lot of singer-songwriters… how exceptional is this applicant (music, arrangement, lyrics)?

ORIGINALITY – In comparison to others in this sub-genre of folk, what is the uniqueness of the applicant regarding their musical style/ sound/content and compositions? For example, there are a lot of bluegrass bands… how unique is this applicant in comparison to others?

READINESS – Showcasing for national and international presenters warrants a certain level of tour readiness, whether independent or represented. Does the applicant have credible tour experience, reviews and accolades, a team or an independent game plan, the capacity to accept, route, and support touring invitations?

Juror Conflict of Interest

A juror who has a conflict of interest in voting for an artist must decline from scoring that applicant.

A conflict of interest is deemed to be a direct personal relationship, an active working relationship, or the prospect to gain financially or professionally in any manner from the outcome of the application.

In the event that a juror declares a conflict, the absence of their vote will not have a negative effect on the final score of that applicant as an average score will be assigned.