International Indigenous Music Summit

International Indigenous Music Summit

The Indigenous Music Alliance is pleased to announce our continuing partnership with Folk Alliance International (FAI) to deliver the second annual International Indigenous Music Summit (IIMS).

Hosted by Indigenous artist and community leader ShoShona Kish, the one-day Summit will gather Indigenous artists, knowledge keepers, and community builders, as well as invited allies, to discuss the most important issues facing the Indigenous music community.

The IIMS is a unique cultural gathering of artists, culture leaders and industry, designed to nurture connections, create awareness, share resources, and build opportunities for Indigenous music in the global music community.

The Summit will celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of Indigenous music to art and culture worldwide. Through keynotes, breakout sessions and showcases, it will focus on identifying challenges, engaging solutions, sharing best practices, and forging new sustainable pathways to provide artists and arts professionals with clear routes to opportunities within our own communities and the international music industry.

With a commitment to building an inclusive, respectful and safe community space for Indigenous voices, the gathering will place Indigenous music in the heart of conversation alongside the greater FAI community to network, cross-pollinate and exchange ideas.

Stay tuned for schedule announcements and more information on artist showcases please visit our website and sign up for the International Indigenous Music Summit email newsletter below.


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