Global Summits

These focused peer sessions are intended to re-introduce a deeper connection to the processes, people, and policies behind the scenes that help establish and maintain the rich ecology of folk music. The summits shake-up the standard panel format and provide an opportunity for a global network of industry-specific peers to convene in one place to share knowledge, ideas, and goals.

The Global Summits have limited capacity, and pre-application is required. For more information, contact

Cultural Equity Summit

Cultural Equity

Thursday, January 23, 2020
10:00am – 11:45am
Grand Ballroom (5th floor)

Hosted by Jorge Arévalo Mateus, Executive Director of The Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) this summit is focused on FAI’s 2020 theme of The Story of People and Place. Rooted in the belief that identity is central to human existence, the theme is informed by an acknowledgment that colonialism and systemic racism have constructed a dominant culture at the suppression or erasure of others. These issues permeate all aspects of society with the music industry and folk community being no exception.

Building on a Values Statement, organizational development, and conscious programming, FAI is now convening an Advisory Committee to develop a Cultural Equity plan in 2020. This summit will provide an overview of the global issues related to identity, intersection, and influence while addressing white responsibility, constructive allyship, and collective engagement in the evolution of Folk Alliance International.

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International Indigenous Music Summit

International Indigenous Music Summit

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hosted by Indigenous artist and community leader ShoShona Kish, the one-day Summit will gather Indigenous artists, knowledge keepers, and community builders, as well as invited allies, to discuss the most important issues facing the Indigenous music community.

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