Global Summits

These focused peer sessions are intended to re-introduce a deeper connection to the processes, people, and policies behind the scenes that help establish and maintain the rich ecology of folk music. The summits shake-up the standard panel format and provide an opportunity for a global network of industry-specific peers to convene in one place to share knowledge, ideas, and goals.

The Global Summits have limited capacity, and pre-application is required. For more information, contact

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Ethnomusicology Summit

Smithsonian Folkways
society for ethnomusicology

Thursday, February 14, 2019
10am – 1pm
Gordon Lightfoot Room (213)

An international gathering of Ethnomusicologists, this summit is facilitated by the Society for Ethnomusicology and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. The focus of discussion is the critique of the idea of “World Music”. While the term is widely used in an effort to appreciate and include non-Western music, many academics and artists have expressed disdain for the term critiquing the reinforcement of orientalist representations of the rest of the world. The summit provides a rare opportunity for industry members to come together and critically discuss the culture of the industry and how concepts of “world music” and “folk music” bolster or hinder musicians involved in their making.

International Indigenous Music Summit

2019 International Indigenous Music Summit

Thursday, February 14, 2019
10am – 3pm
Robbie Robertson Room (217)

Hosted by Indigenous artist and community leader ShoShona Kish, the one-day summit will gather Indigenous artists, knowledge keepers, and community builders, as well as invited allies, to discuss the most important issues facing the Indigenous music community. This is the first global summit of its kind, and it coincides with the UN’s declaration of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The summit will focus on creating awareness, building networks, and inciting change in mainstream and Indigenous channels, while also celebrating the historic and ongoing contributions of Indigenous music.