Louisiana Artists Spotlight: Dirk Powell

Louisiana Artists Spotlight: Dirk Powell

For this week’s Louisiana Artists Spotlight with WWOZ, it’s Dirk Powell.

We tend to use similar words to describe musicians who are beyond good at what they do: “poetic” and “prolific” immediately come to mind when describing Dirk Powell. But they still fall short of capturing the essence of his work and craft. Recognized as a leading expert in Appalachian fiddle and banjo, Powell has won 4 GRAMMYS, appeared on the Today Show, David Letterman, and recorded with the likes of Rhiannon Giddens, Eric Clapton, Loretta Lynn: the list goes on.

Still that only scratches the surface of what Dirk Powell accomplishes with his music. His unique vision and commitment to Creole and Cajun culture makes his music something to behold and savor. It’s familiar and exciting.

Here’s Dirk, Rhiannon Giddens, and Jason Sypher performing “The Cuckoo” for David Holt’s State of Music Onstage in 2016. Read more about Dirk’s musical journey here (very good read).

Come see Dirk Powell at his Official Showcase performance. Add him to your conference schedule!

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