2019 Attendee Lists

Updated February 25, 2019.


A benefit exclusive to FAI membership is access to an Excel document of the most recent attendee list with email information for use in year-round professional communication, and pre/post conference business. Non-members can view the attendee list without email addresses.

The list is not to be used in any way to send bulk messages or copied showcase announcements. It is to be used for direct one-to-one communication and invitations.

Please be mindful about your target audience when contacting other attendees. Email is a powerful tool to increase your visibility and connect with other attendees before and after the Conference, but sending too many unfocused emails may reflect poorly on you. Please respect the inboxes of all delegates, the criteria by which this information is made available, and the cooperative nature of membership.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Folk Alliance strongly encourages all attendees to consider best practices for email marketing, including following the guidelines set forth by the CAN-SPAM Act. As you prepare your pre-Conference marketing, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Sort and segment your lists! It will reflect poorly on you if you email attendees who don’t find your message to be relevant.
  • Send personalized, clear, and targeted emails. Tell your recipients who you are and why you’re emailing them.
  • Give people the option to opt-out and honor those requests promptly.

Learn more by reading CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.