Montreal Favorites #3

Montreal Favorites #3

We recently heard from Cécile Doo-Kingué about the best places in Montréal. In this segment of Montréal Favorites, we’ll get some pointers from Eli Levinson (who works alongside Deborah Cognet at Mundial Montréal) as he gives us his top picks in this dynamic city.

Eli Levinson is a producer/DJ/event organizer from Montréal. He splits his time working on communications for industry showcase Mundial Montréal, wearing many hats (production, communications, administration) with Stonetree Records, AfrotroniX and others, and organizing events in Montréal connecting roots and electronic music.  

Eli Levinson gives tips for Folk Alliance International Conference attendees heading to Montreal.

Take a look at Eli’s go-to spots in Montréal and remember to pack lots of socks!

Favorite restaurant: Carib Delite on Parc avenue or Cosmos in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Favorite music venue: Groove Nation

Favorite neighborhood: The Plateau or Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Favorite building: the abandoned St Ambroise Brewery next to the canal

Favorite festival: Mundial Montreal or Pop Montreal

Favorite tourist attraction: Schwartz’s

Favorite thing to do to keep warm: We are the city of love… come on that’s not a fair question. Wear double socks. Sweaty club dance floor.

Favorite local celebrity: PK Subban, we’re not over it.

Favorite hidden/ secret spot: I’m not telling but it’s awesome

Favorite Montréal bagel: St Viateur, don’t listen to anybody who says Fairmount, they are all smokers and their tastebuds are shot

Favorite little known fact: There are actually 2 canals

Favorite Montréal food: poutine, smoked meat, bagels, Aux Vivres

The best reason to visit Montréal is? Tons of amazing music, food, experiences to be had. It’s cheap, downtown is small enough to navigate on foot, people are really friendly and open and they really love to party.

What makes Montréal home? Franglais. Also late night out, late breakfast with friends.

What is the heart of Montréal? The mountain or franglais.