Montreal Favorites

Montreal Favorites

We keep hearing Montréal is the coolest city in Canada, some even call it “the New York City of Canada.” In order to help us share more about what makes it such a great place to visit, we have asked for feedback from our Montréal conference advisory committee. Welcome to this inaugural installation of our new blog series, Montréal Favorites.

Déborah Cognet works at Mundial Montréal and is fueled by the beautiful energy of the world music community. She holds a masters degree in musicology and music administration and frequently collaborates with organizations and festivals in France, Australia, and Canada.

Deborah Cognet

Please enjoy Déborah’s responses to our questionnaire of Montréal favorites:

Favorite restaurant: Omnivore (Middle Eastern) or Nil Bleu (Ethiopian) or.. or … there is so many!

Favorite music venue: Club Balattou (32 years old of live music of all kind!)

Favorite neighborhood: Le Quartier Portuguais

Favorite building: the one that has on its wall that awesome graff/mural at the corner of Pine Avenue and St Laurent Boulevard

Favorite festival: Les Weekends du Mondeau at Parc Jean Drapeau in July

Favorite tourist attraction: the gallery of the Cultural Space Ashukan located in the heart of the old Montréal and presenting authentic artwork from Indigenous artists (and not fake “made in China” stuff!!!) – “Chef Joseph” is my favorite painting from Anatole St Onge, go visit! It’s free!

Favorite thing to do to keep warm: social dancing such as Angolan Semba/ Kizomba!

Favorite local celebrity: Sugar Sammy

Favorite hidden/secret spot: le garage de Ziya Tabassian and his intimate garage-concert series!

Favorite Montréal bagel: ask Stefan Andemicael! (Blue Note, NYC )

Favorite little-known fact: Summertime, from a street to another, walking or biking, you can enter a whole other cultural world and atmosphere, with food, music, and dance from such a variety of countries. A trip around the world sans même avoir à voyager!

Favorite Montréal food: Kabuli Palaw (a northern Afghan dish you can get from Khyber Pass on Duluth!)

The best reason to visit Montréal is? Montréal is small enough to walk around and access so many great spots, festivals and all!

What makes Montréal home? Tree-lined streets.

What is the heart of Montréal? A beautiful diversity of people from so many different cultural backgrounds that you never stop learning from and enriching yourself from!