2018 Private Showcase Presenters

Below is a list of all confirmed Private Showcase Presenters for the 2018 conference. By presenter request, we do not publish contact information, although some hosts have noted their email and availability in the list below. If you know any of the hosts, feel free to reach out to them directly with a personal (not bulk!) email.

Please note that some Private Showcase Presenters have very specific parameters for showcasing in their rooms - this may include only artists from their label, artists from their geographical location, artists fitting the room theme, etc.

Updated February 5, 2018. List sorted alphabetically by host name.

Room Name Room # Notes
"615" Hosted by D'addario, AER, and Cole Clark Guitars615
Access Conscious Alliance Rocky Mountain Suite532Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
Access Film Music Blue552Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
Access Film Music Green629Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
Access Film Music Orange730Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
Access Film Music Red630Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
Access Film Music Yellow729Spots available - email Chicago Mike Beck
The Alaska Room722Spots available - email Annie Bartholomew
The Alberta Room707
Andy's SoWeBo Music Series Baltimore606
Blackpot Camp / Lost Buffalo / TCM Presents738
Bliss Hippy Room638no longer accepting solicitations
Bloodshot Records with The Bluegrass Situation621
Blue Velvet Music Group Presents Frazier and Friends726Spots available - email John Frazier
Borealis Records (Saturday)616
BreakOut West529
Brett Perkins' Listening Room Songwriter Retreats649Spots available - email Brett Perkins
British Underground539
Camp Ned - Singer/Songwriter Heaven656Spots available - email Darryl Purpose
Canadian Music, East Coast Style535
Cantina Navarro537no longer accepting solicitations
Carnavál Room540Spots available - email Diego Chi
Casey Jones Music Festival628Spots available - email Greg Johnson
Circle of Friends Coffeehouse (Wednesday)715
Club Passim (Saturday)715
ComboPlate Booking652no longer accepting solicitations
FAI First-Timers I724no longer accepting solicitations
FAI First-Timers II725no longer accepting solicitations
FAI Traditional Showcase Room645
FAI United Nations556
Fayetteville Roots Festival Presents643
Folk Alliance Australia @ Australian Music Week614Spots available - email Una McAlinden
Folk Music Canada534
Folquébec Spotlight Showcase542Spots available - email Gilles Garand
For the Love of Music by OleManJoe Productions736Spots available - email Joseph McCormick
Frazier Band (Thursday)716
Free Range Records Presents604no longer accepting solicitations
The Georgia Room720Spots available - email Jill Kettles   Georgia artists only, please
Green Room Music Source Canada617no longer accepting solicitations
Green Room Music Source East Nashville612no longer accepting solicitations
Gypsy Wagon Studios756no longer accepting solicitations
Heart Roots Music (Friday)716
The House of Songs642no longer accepting solicitations
Howlin' Dog Records and Girl Guitar623
The Indigenous Suite (Friday)616
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus Present 3RD Coast Music Songwriters627Spots available - email Sherry Brokus
JWP Promotions610Spots available - email Jacob Peirce
KC Music Collective739
KC Turner Presents714no longer accepting solicitations
Krazy Keyboards & Friends608no longer accepting solicitations
KZUM's Nebraska Room701
LilFest727Spots available - email Nancy Emrich
More LilFest728Spots available - email Nancy Emrich
Even More LilFest703Spots available - email Nancy Emrich
Local 1000, AFM639
Lone Star Music Live711Spots available - email Charlie Stewart
Lost Cowgirl Records Room713no longer accepting solicitations
Love Is All726
Mavens Music751
The Michigan Room hosted by Earthwork Music544Spots available - email Mark Lavengood
Miles of Music + The Hoot745Spots available - email Ovi Horta
The Minnesota Room634no longer accepting solicitations
Momentary Love Management601no longer accepting solicitations
MPress Records641
Muddy Roots Union618Spots available - email Muddy Roots Booking
MusicOntario—OMDC—Folk Music Ontario640
The Nest747no longer accepting solicitations
Night Tree Showcase549Spots available - email Julian Loida
NYC Loves Songwriters / The Folkchef's Kitchen647
Oklahoma Room718
Omega Delta Psi734Spots available - email Kennedy Murakami
Prashker’s Picks (Friday)715
PuffBunny Records - Songswarm651Spots available - email Taylor Pie
Pushing Chain Presents633Spots available - email Boyd Blomberg
Red Leaf Room631no longer accepting solicitations
Roaring Girl Records & Sawdust City Music Festival619Spots available - email Miranda Mulholland
Rupert Wates and Friends654no longer accepting solicitations
Seattle Jim Page's Listening Room603no longer accepting solicitations
SERFA (Southeast Regional Folk Alliance)625no longer accepting solicitations
Shirley Boy Records Room753
Shubb Capocabana541no longer accepting solicitations
Spire Van Spire Hotel Room636
Star House Collective554
Sweet Beaver Suite743
Texas Sugarbaby Room709Spots available - email Glynace Eastham
The Western Flyers Room732no longer accepting solicitations
The Wisconsin Room543no longer accepting solicitations
Thirty Tigers (Thursday)616
TransOceanic Sponsor's Party Garden Terrace (Thursday)Garden Terrace
Wolverton Home Concerts749

Mission Statement

The mission of Folk Alliance International is to nurture, engage, and empower the international folk music community - traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional - through education, advocacy and performance.

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2019 FAI Conference

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