Official Showcase FAQ's

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Yes, all Official Showcase artists and their support team must pay to attend the conference. Applicants are guaranteed a discounted conference registration rate regardless of Official Showcase award status. View the Showcase Applicant price matrix here.
No, Official Showcase application fees are non-refundable.
Yes, your entire band must register at the same time to recieve the discounted $200/person rate.
To receive the $200/person rate, 3 or more people must be registered at the same time, a single registration done later is added at the individual rate at the time of registration. Refunds can be processed until 12/31/17 (minus a $50 fee).
Each Official Showcase is 30 minutes in length on a stage with full production. There is a 15-minute changeover between each artist.
Due to the large quantity of artists performing in such a compact time frame, we are unable to offer sound checks.
Backline includes guitar and bass amps, a limited number of upright basses (check-out only), drum kits* (just bring sticks/brushes), and keyboards*. * Not all stages have drum kits and keyboards.
We have a limited number of upright basses for artists to borrow. Upright bass check-out is done by making a reservation on the day of your showcase in the Instrument Check room. You cannot reserve a bass before the day of your showcase. All basses are first-come, first-served. Basses must be returned immediately after your showcase is complete.
Click here to see a list of local music shops willing to rent instruments.
Contact our production team at Not all stage plot changes can be approved based on limitations of backline and systems.
No. Due to the complexity of scheduling 180 artists we are not able to change your showcase time or room.
It is possible you may need a visa. Click here for visa information.
FAI produces a compilation CD of Official Showcase artists each year, curated by the Executive Director, to provide a dynamic and balanced view of the showcases. The cost to place a track on the CD is $300-$400 (depending on track duration) due at time of submission. Tracks not selected are immediately reimbursed the full amount. Official Showcase artists are sent a track submission email with details after they are accepted and have confirmed a showcase.
Yes! In addition to your Official Showcase, artists are encouraged to perform Private Showcases on any of the 4 nights of the conference. Click here for information on Private Showcases.
Yes, but only on Tuesday and/or Sunday, or during the daytime hours of the conference. There is a Radius Clause that prohibits public concert participation by Official Showcase artists between the hours of 6pm-3am from Feb 14-17.
No, item sales are not allowed. Folk Alliance is a business networking conference - bring your latest CD's and share them freely with those you meet.

Mission Statement

The mission of Folk Alliance International is to nurture, engage, and empower the international folk music community - traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional - through education, advocacy and performance.

Additional Conference Events

2019 FAI Conference

DATE: February 13-17, 2019

LOCATION:  Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montréal, Québec, Canada